Using comedy to empower

How to use comedy as a coping mechanism and a diplomacy tool, and how to harness your creativity to build confidence.

These workshops are perfect for teenagers, jobseekers and even as corporate bonding programs. They encourage creativity, confidence in speaking and communication.


Workshop Outline


Learning Objectives:

  1. Why using humour can help “soften the blow”

  2. How to write a joke and frame difficulties through the lens of humour

  3. How to reframe ‘bouncing back’ or resilience as creativity and how to extend personal growth as an opportunity to express yourself

  4. Mastering public speaking and why this can aid in building assertive practices

With a background in academia studying a dual degree in Law/Journalism and a proficiency for public speaking that has seen me become a representative for various discussion panels as well as keynote talks, corporate MCing roles and mentorship roles, my warm and relatable speaking skills have allowed me to best channel my talents to empower others.


This workshop aims to address various issues that ignite self-doubt in its participants, with a focus on resilience, reflection and moving forward by utilising effective forms of expression through comedy. Comedy is a valuable medium to help break down any barriers participants have. In this way, humour can be used to relate, express and cope with complex situations. I believe that if pain is the basis of the shared human experience, than comedy, which is, seemingly, the antithesis, is best borne from those experiences and as the foundations for effective diplomacy and communication.



Details and Requirements

The workshops go for approximately 2 hours. Opening with a speech that delicately balances humour and motivation, individuals are strongly encouraged to participate. After speaking through various different ‘joke types’ and how comedy is merely the reframing of observations of life and an invitation to deliver ‘individual perspective’ types of stories, participants will be invited to either create a group and deliver some stand-up comedy, or tasked with doing this on an individual basis. This is dependent on group size and the participation levels of the group.


Upon presenting to their class mates, participants are invited to consider if they’d like to pursue further opportunities to perform. Depending on dates and numbers, this will be facilitated by myself and further mentorship can be offered at this time.



Expected Course Fee


  • Half-Day Workshop for group (4 hours): Upon Request

  • 2-hour Workshop for group: Upon Request

  • Public Speaking Short Course (unspecified time, dependent on student’s rate of confidence): Upon request

  • Job Interview Ready Classes: Upon Request, dependent on student or group focus


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